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“You don’t play football with your legs, you play with your head”
Johan Cruyff

Do you want to start playing instinctively?

Unlock your full sporting potential and gain that competitive edge

Most sports people work on their physical strength and fitness along with the psychological part of their game, but strengthening the body and mind connection through Brain Training, may be the most important element in enhancing the work of your coach and psychologist and enabling you to gain that competitive edge.

Want to up your game?

Improve the following areas of your sporting life and gain that competitive edge:
  • Accuracy when kicking a football, hitting a tennis ball with a racquet, a golf ball with a club or hitting your opponent in the boxing ring

  • Judgement of how much force is required to kick or hit a ball to reach the desired target.

  • Follow instructions from your coach immediately and not feel overloaded, panicked or second guess your own instincts

  • Improve spatial awareness, timing, and rhythm for automatic reading of the game.

  • Reduce frustration, tension, and outbursts when things go wrong.

  • Improve overall concentration for the complete 90 minutes, 18 holes etc.

  • Keep a clear head in play. 

We can tell a lot about your game in just 15 minutes!

Using a simple diagnostic tool we can, within one 15 minute session, tell if a player gets frustrated easily, loses concentration during play, second guesses his next shot, finds it difficult to take advice from his coach and more.

Brain Training

Some sports people who just ‘have it’  were born with the necessary body mind connection that enables them to play instinctively.

At Performance Breakthrough, we develop areas of the brain that connect neurons and develop new ones to sharpen your reading of the game, reaction speed, ball control etc.  These connections of body and mind develop focused, co-ordinated, balanced and spatially aware players in any sport; naturally. 

Most importantly, the improvements are permanent!

Click below to see the positive impact that the Performance Breakthrough exercises will have, for example, on your Golf or football game.

When you are not reaching your sporting potential you may also recognise some of these traits...

  • Low concentration

  • Easily distracted

  • Forgetfulness

  • Difficulty following directions

  • Loss of self-esteem/confidence

  • Anxiety

  • Trouble focusing & tracking objects

  • Sensitivity to touch – labels etc.

  • Plain eater

  • Sleep problems, difficulty getting to sleep

  • Constantly “on the go”

  • Talks excessively

  • Aggressive behaviour

  • Instructions repeated over & over

  • Lack of empathy for others

Crusaders Strikers in Training - Pendulum ball (Gross Motor Skills)

A Crusaders Striker is demonstrating an exercise on the balance board whilst hitting a swinging pendulum ball. This exercise works on our sense of timing, judging when to hit a moving target and develops our gross motor skills, which in turn will develop our physical strength, body awareness and reaction speed- all whilst standing on a balance board, which is developing our vestibular, or foundational sense.

What professionals say...

"Performance Breakthrough is an innovative and effective approach to boosting many of the fundamental skills necessary to play better golf."

Johnny Foster
Head Coach, Johnny Foster Golf


"Performance Breakthrough's balance and co-ordination exercises may well be the missing piece between the work of the coach and the psychologist."

Kevan Whitson
Head Professional, Royal County Down Golf Club

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